Robin Wilt 

Hi!  I'm Robin Wilt :) I am from beautiful St. Augustine, where I also currently live.  The first part of my life was successful by societal standards.  By the age of 36, I had gathered the education, marriage, home, and career believing these were the things that would bring me satisfaction in life.   There was just one small issue - I was miserable.  At one point I was working four jobs and my relationships were lacking in some very basic qualities.  Perhaps the worst thing is that I didn't even KNOW I was miserable.  Looking back, I can see I was very much in my head, ignoring my feelings and intuition.  

An Abrupt Wakeup Call

During the last nine years, I have experienced a dramatic reshaping of my reality when my life as I knew it ceased to exist.  The real heavy lifting and healing have occurred during the past few years where I began the process of really digging deep and excavating my heart, mind, and spirit.  This transformation period provided me with various new skills for life, which allowed the new version of me to emerge, much brighter and happier.  One of my greatest joys is assisting others on their journey of self-discovery and healing. My gift is helping you find your own gifts and living your most authentic life.

If you're here, it's no coincidence.  I learned along the way that when people, places or things present themselves in our lives, it's for a reason.  Perhaps our paths are meant to cross on this crazy journey we call life.  I look forward to hearing from you

Much love and light!





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