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 Empowerment Coach 
& Mentor

Welcome to Shed Some Light on It! We are so glad you made it. We are excited to offer you a variety of spiritual growth opportunities through hypnotherapy, astrology, life coaching, healing and educational classes & workshops. 

Crab Nebula

Why you landed in the right place! 

We are all on a journey and searching for greater fulfillment. But oftentimes, we are the biggest barriers to our own success. We feel less than fulfilled but we're not sure how to change or overcome our internal barriers. We say we want more personal joy, money, success, and satisfaction but then feel powerless to accomplish that. We will go decades doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. We endure so much pain, suffering, anxiety, and unhappiness instead of getting to the root of our issues. What if there was a better way to make changes? What if you had someone who could help to guide you through these challenges and help you explore real tangible solutions?

Your Advocate for Growth  

At Shed Some Light on It, we know firsthand how challenging life can be and we certainly understand how difficult it can be to identify what needs to change. The good news is that you don't have to figure it all out on your own, there is a reason you found us! Our purpose & passion if helping you find greater personal satisfaction, and peace through healing your patterns. We use a variety of metaphysical tools to provide a safe, space where you can be vulnerable and really open up to heal and move forward. We offer a simple and straightforward approach for growth. We will 1) explore your programming and what is holding you back, 2) we identify the steps necessary to move you forward, 3) we heal and reprogram your subconscious using various modalities, and 4) you get detailed steps to integratemove forward to create new patterns and possibilities in your life!

Schedule your session and see how we can serve you!

We would love to support you on this journey of healing and self-discovery. Only you can change your life, but it will be a lot easier with someone in your corner to support and guide you! Haven't you put yourself off long enough? Schedule your session today. 


Robin Wilt
Your Guide  &   Coach

A passion for healing and helping

Robin was unceremoniously thrown onto her spiritual path in 2016 when her entire life exploded. For a number of years, she was deep in her spiritual awakening searching for various ways to heal. She got to a point where traditional therapy just wasn't getting to the root of her issues of codependency, addiction, self-doubt, and perfectionism. This led her to discover holistic healing and the world of spirituality through Reiki, energy work, hypnotherapy, and astrology. 

In 2019, she founded SSLOI as an opportunity to share all the things she had learned and overcome on her own journey. She became deeply passionate about creating a safe space for other seekers to expand, grow, learn and heal. She knows how isolating being a spiritual entrepreneur can be and she is determined to hold a light-hearted container for those brave enough to become all they were meant to be. 

Her Qualifications (in case you're into that kind of thing!)

*MBA from Valdosta State University

*Certified Holistic Life Coach from Alan Cohen

*Level 4 Intuitive Light Connections (energy work)

*Level 1 Reiki practitioner

*Becoming the Divine Oracle (tarot program)

*Shadow work training (which included hypnotherapy techniques, somatic release, inner child and parts work)

*Quantum Touch (energy work)

*Natural gifts as a psychic, intuitive, deep listener, medium and Human Design Projector

*Cosmic Academy (Astrology course)

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