Robin Wilt 


Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! Let me start by introducing myself. I am an astrologer, psychic, and money witch. My gifts started to come online after my spiritual journey began in 2016 when my entire life was turned upside down. Struggling to overcome my own wounding and trauma, I began to dive deep into various spiritually based healing modalities and systems. I hold certifications as a holistic life coach, Level 1 Reiki practitioner, Intuitive Light Connections (energy work), Becoming the Divine Oracle (tarot), Shadow work training (hypnotherapy and parts work) and Quantum Touch. I also hold an MBA, and love money, finances, and all things numbers. My passion for numbers and finance has led me to dive into astrology and also help my clients to overcome their money blockages.

In my sessions, I combine my intuitive abilities to provide a uniquely individualized method of working with my clients. Because we are all uniquely different, so is each session with me. I communicate with your higher self, angels and guides to give you clear and focused direction in your life. I offer astrology readings, tarot readings, hypnotherapy sessions, inner child healing and can help clients to activate their abundance codes and release old beliefs and stories that are holding them back. Since I struggled so much with trusting my own intuition, I also enjoy helping you to develop your own intuition and knowing. 

I love holding space and supporting my clients to overcome blockages that are keeping them from living their most joyful and abundant life. I am available for speaking and teaching opportunities for groups, retreats and workshops. 


Donations for circles and Instagram readings are appreciated.  Thank you for your support!