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Robin Wilt @spiritualcfo

Where: Instagram Live


When: Most Wednesday's at 1pm est.

What: Healer Chats

How long: 30 minutes

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Guest on: Jeffrey Eisen Shaltazar Podcast


When: March 13, 2019

What: The Importance of Your Yin and Yang Balance

How long: 36 minutes

Guest on: Paranormal Pickers Podcast


When: November 15, 2022

What: The Star card in Tarot

How long: 90 minutes

Guest on: A World Awakening Podcast


When: May 20, 2022

What: Spirituality, growth and the importance of friends

How long: 114 minutes

Feature in: Voyage Jacksonville Magazine


When: December 8, 2022

What: My story and what I do!

How long: 5 minute read

As a Gemini, I love to talk! But mostly about life, spirituality, astrology, funny stuff and healing. I would love to come on your channel!  Just send me a message by clicking "contact" below.

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