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Conscious Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful, magical time of the year. But ever since I was a kid, I felt like it was a little off. As an empath, I would see and feel things about the entire situation that didn’t seem to be an issue for other people. I saw people getting their feelings for various reasons. I saw people going into debt to buy things because they felt an obligation or felt like they HAD to give gifts. I saw so many rules and guidelines about how we should act, give and receive. Even more so, I saw just how much commercialism is involved in what is supposed to be a celebration of Jesus’s birth. Like, where the **ck did Santa even come into the picture? And what about our desire to spend so much darn money on things that people probably don’t want, need or will use for a minute and then lose interest.

There have got to be some ways we can bring some consciousness into Christmas, gift giving and showing others that we care for them. Here’s some of my random thoughts. Maybe together, we can create a holiday that feels a bit more mindful 😊

1) Remember, first and foremost, even if someone chooses to not buy you a gift, it does not mean they love you any less.

2) Perhaps look around your house and regift some items to friends and loved ones. Make it fun by doing a gift exchange with a theme.

3) Do a secret Santa with your family, friends or co-workers.

4) Spend some money or time volunteering or giving back where you can. Show your kids the importance of helping those in need.

5) Instead of buying a bunch of material things, give gift cards to local service-related businesses.

6) Spend money and/or time giving someone an experience.

7) Cook a rad meal for someone you love.

8) Give a homemade gift certificate for your time (massage, energy work, yard work,etc).

And, by all means, if none of this resonates with you and you wanna keep on, keeping on, you do you. There is no wrong. There are only ever choices. Do what makes you feel all ooey gooey on the inside. I ain’t here to judge, just offering some other suggestions. After all, life is all about choice.

Love ya’ll and ho, ho, ho! Robin

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