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Ho, ho, ho (who you calling a ho?)

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Art work by Chloe Parliament

I attended a closing ceremony for 2018 a few weeks ago. The ensuing analysis my brain did in the days afterwards brought to light just how much has changed for me this past year. It left me feeling like I had been through a decade in the span of a mere 365 days. During this time, I had loved ones that moved on for their highest good, situations I had to leave for my highest good, old thoughts, beliefs and fears crumble. From January to December, it had been this purging of things that no longer served my mind, body and soul. Included in this long list, were things I thought would never leave, things that hurt like hell on their way out, but probably all things that had to go.

However, I also had to revel in the things that this year has brought into my life. As the old shit that was clogging up my time and energy fell away, I found my soul’s calling underneath it all. It became easier and easier to stand in my own power and boundaries. It became easier to stand up for what I wanted and needed in my life. For the first time in my life, I was no longer giving this power to others. My old pattern was to go along with things so as to not rock the boat and upset someone else. As you can imagine, this was a powerful shift. Immediately, things I’ve wanted, started to fall seamlessly into my awareness. This year brought me a key lesson - the Universe/God is always trying to bring us what we want on a silver platter. The issue is not the giver (Universe), but rather us (humans) as the receiver. We waste precious time and energy, which is our most valuable commodity, on things that do not serve our highest good and inherently block that which we do want.

As this year ends, I challenge you to be prepared mentally and spiritually for 2019. Look at your life where it is now and where you would like it to be by this time next year. So many times, the most pivotal step we can take is simply in the identification of what we want. Start by taking out a piece of paper and writing down each area of your life:

1) Love

2) Job

3) Home

4) Friends and Family

5) Personal development

6) Finances

7) Fun

8) Health

Next, take the time to dream big, and put pen to paper to identify your wants and needs. The only restriction to having everything you want is YOU! Get out of your own way for God’s sake.

I found when doing mine, I had some old beliefs come up that needed to be worked through. My big ones had to do with career and romantic relationships. My old pesky “you’re not good enough” popped back up. This time I lovingly said hello and allowed it to show me what else had to go. Take the time to look at your own limiting beliefs and determine how you can change those for the new year. There are lots of modalities to assist you – books, workshops, cleanses, yoga, meditation, therapy, energy work. Hit me up if you need recommendations for any!

Finally, release it to the Universe. Our other issue in receiving what we want is that we want it to look a certain way. We don’t have to know how, when or what something will look like, we just have to focus on the feeling we want to evoke. Like if you want a job that makes you feel valued, focus on that for a few minutes each day. If you want a romantic partner who values you, and makes you laugh, focus on that feeling. Treat the Universe like a giant ass Santa who lives with you year-round. I swear, you will manifest what your heart desires, if you just get the hell out of your own way.

Love and light ya’ll 😊 Merry Christmas.

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