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Jumping timelines

For whatever reason, so many of us have been taught to ignore our small still internal voice. That voice that doesn’t make logical sense a lot of the time. That gut feeling or intuition about a person, place or thing. The voice, that if left unheard, has us regretting our decisions. Instead, we look to others for outside validation and confirmation about our lives and where we are headed. We will ask 10 people in our lives, “what would you do in this situation”, “what do you think I should do”? We all have our own unique imprint and story, so in asking others for guidance (while ignoring our own), we give our power away of free will and choice. The year and the months leading up to my Ayahuasca journey has shown me so much about why this is a ridiculous way to live.

Each and every one of use has a unique design of our energy and our life that others are likely to not understand. For instance, there were those who probably thought I was crazy for leaving my cushy corporate job in search of my own success. I knew the choice was coming and I wanted it so badly, but I was also afraid of what others would think. I was afraid that I might fail or that even worse, that I might succeed beyond my wildest dreams. We may not realize it, but people get used to us being the people we are. When we start to change and grow, they still want us to be the sister we were growing up or the daughter from 10 years ago. Friends may feel weird when we are not drinking around them anymore. It’s not that they don’t want the best for us, it’s just that there has been a reality, a fabric of energy that has been pulsing for a bit. We have been in one realm of possibility until our growth has taken us to the next. When we change it doesn’t mean that we are going to leave everyone behind, but it can feel like abandonment to others when our energy starts to shift. On one level, they could want the best for us, but on the subconscious level, it could really cause some resistance as we are shifting.

Every time you step up and do the spiritual work for yourself, you are leaving an old vibration behind and stepping into a new one. This is referred to “jumping timelines” in the spiritual community. Because of the lower vibrational energy that you have shifted out of your mind, body and energy, you are ready to level up and move into a new timeline. This new timeline is a higher vibration. This can feel scary, like you have no net to land on. I personally liken it to a fart flapping in the wind. Proverbially, something just doesn’t smell right, it doesn’t seem or feel logical enough, so we start to judge and panic a bit. But if we can calm our nervous system and stay centered through nature, breathwork, mediation, energy work, etc., we will find ourselves excited about the new possibilities that are on the other side of this quantum leap. What we are doing by releasing these energies that no longer serve us, is raising our vibration to a new timeline where we are in energetic resonance to magnetize our dreams to us. We release old beliefs that tell us we are not good enough. We release old patterns that cause us to sabotage ourselves when opportunities do come up. We are still the same people – we just love and value ourselves a bit more. We remove our energy from karmic entanglements that have held us back for so long.

I know all of these things can be triggering and scary, but haven’t you lived in fear, lack and doubt for long enough? Isn’t it time to take you power back and have the life that you have REALLY always wanted? The life that seems like a far-off fairy tale. The life that you secretly dream about is waiting for you. You just have to remove all the shit that doesn’t align with that life. Simple, not easy. I promise you, being on your spiritual journey is one of the most gratifying things you will ever do. The truth is that you are already on it, even if you’re not doing the “work”. But when you’re not actively doing the work, you feel trapped, anxious, fearful. If this message resonates with you, repeat this out loud, “God/Universe/Spirit please help me to regain my personal power. Please help me to shed everything that is not in alignment with my highest and best”. I guarantee you, the universe will move mountains to assist you. Just keep listening to that still, small voice. Keep trusting that there is a higher power that loves you. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Believe it is there and it is watching over you, trying to trigger that old shit that just doesn’t serve you anymore. You can do it.

Love ya! Robin Wilt

If you wanna chat, schedule a free application for coaching. I would love to assist you as you grow and expand. And if you have been asking for help, this is likely your sign 😊

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