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Moving on

So, I found out today that an ex got married recently. You, know THE ex. The ex that we all have. The one we think about periodically and wonder what went wrong. The ex we still have some tiny sliver of hope towards. The one that broke our heart so deeply and completely, we wondered how we would put it back together again. That ex.

And, at first, I did what we all do. I had this brief moment of throwing shade on him and his Mrs. because I was jealous and hurt. You know, the petty bullshit we’ve all done, and think is normal. Like, I hope they get divorced and aren’t happy. I hope I’m “better”, prettier, and smarter than she is. I hope he thinks about me all the time. After a nano-second of that shit I stopped. Why the **ck would I wish any of those things on someone I love? Yes, I do still love this person. Yes, it is normal to always love a man or woman that you shared a part of your soul with. That’s what love is; sharing your soul with another human being. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s unhealthy or abnormal to still love a past love. It is normal and ok to care. But we are all taught by society, our friends and loved ones that when we hear of other’s love or success and we feel some kinda way about it, we should instantly wish them ill will. Yea, I ain’t about that life.

If we saw what this did energetically, I guarantee you we’d stop this shit in an instant. Throwing shade on someone is literally like sending negative, low-vibe energy their way. Words, thoughts and feelings have energy and power behind them. By me sending that energy their way, I could very well disrupt the energy and happiness of their life together. If I love this person, I should (and do) want him to be happy. If that means that it’s with someone else, then I have to throw my big girl panties on and really let him go completely. But I will do so in my way. So…..I pray that we both move on towards our respective futures. I pray for him and his wife and send so much love their way. I pray that they will laugh and love together, I pray they will have a healthy, happy family. I pray they will trust and honor and care for another. This is the shade I chose to throw. A bright, beautiful shade of prosperity, abundance, laughter and love. Best wishes, good luck and so much love to you both.

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Unknown member
Sep 25, 2021

Hi thanks for postiing this

Unknown member
Feb 10, 2023
Replying to

You're very welcome :) Just now saw this! LOL.

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