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Oh no, Corona!

Photo by Jake Bradley on Unsplash

It’s moments like these I’m thankful I don’t have cable or pay attention to the news. And yet, even without direct access to any news outlets, I’m still being inundated with the corona freak-out. I hear of people stocking up on supposed essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I’ve directly encountered people who won’t even engage in a friendly handshake for fear of a mass pandemic. On a more personal level, my plans have been canceled, rearranged, and I’m getting lots of emails and info about precautions. And yet, surrounded by all of this fear, I find myself at peace and mostly unaffected by it all. I’ve had friends ask me how I’ve been able to maintain a calm and cool demeanor about it all.

The first thing that has kept me off the ledge of toilet paper insanity, is that I prefer to live my life by the very basic laws of the Universe whenever I can. One of these laws, is that what we place our energy and attention on will grow. For example, oddly enough, fighting against a cause like racism or war actually just feeds it with more energy. I’m sure we’ve all seen history or perhaps firsthand experiences where a peaceful gathering has turned into a shit show. Both sides fueled by their own belief they are right, drives people to act in ridiculous ways. Instead of reducing the cause, we just add fuel to the fire. The best way to fight something is to first remove yourself from it as much as possible and then send love, light and positive energy to the situation. This concept is also true of any fear-based thoughts we are holding onto; which includes Corona. This freak out all boils down to the fact that people are afraid of dying or being sick. And, I get it, that can be a pretty big fear.

Not so great for us, media tends to feed off our fears. For me, stepping outside of the fear-based paradigm that our society is driven by has been the first step towards my own personal freedom. Our society is so driven by the fear machine that most of us don’t even see it until we take a step outside of it. When we disengage from media, we begin to see how much of what we’re told is blown way out of proportion to the actual reality of what’s occurring. Like, it’s kind of ironic to me that the media tells us that we’re all gonna catch it and die if we shake someone’s hand but at the same time will tell us to pile into stores to stock up on “necessities”. Yet another reason I avoid the media, because when I do hear it, it pisses me off because logically it doesn’t make a bit of sense. Fear is an emotion like any other and when triggered can cause us to act in irrational ways.

The other big thing that has kept me calm and unaffected is my trust in a higher power. Some call it God, the Universe, angles, nature, or any other name you can come up with – even Bob is cool. I have this deep belief that everything is happening as it should and for my highest good. I really do, know and trust that 1) if I did catch Corona, it was meant to be and 2) one way or another, I would be fine. Yes, even if I died from it, I understand and trust that was my path and my destiny. I know that life creates and destroys when it’s appropriate to do so. And the big key here - my worrying and stressing about it does not stop it. However, fear does make me crazy and also can attract the very thing I’m trying to avoid.

I know I'm partially making light of the situation, but this is another way I deal. Laughter really is the best medicine most of the time. I do understand there are certain people with compromised immune systems that should take extra precautions. And I will continue to send prayers and light to those affected by the virus and pray that people are safe. However, I DO NOT send more fear to the situation. What I do DO is try to be a kind, compassionate ear for those who are worried or stressed. When all my plans got canceled over the weekend, I continued my life as I normally would. I was able to spend much more time outside, allowing nature to heal my mind, body and soul. When I went to Publix to do my regular grocery shopping for items I actually needed, I was dancing and singing. I had an older woman who previously looked stressed and scared, look up and smile at me. She commented on how happy I was. This is what heals. A kind word, a smile, engagement and interaction – especially with our older people who are probably pretty freaked the f**k out over this whole thing. Go out there and allow yourself to be the light in someone's day, allowing them to see that all is good and well. And what the hell, maybe grab a Corona to chill a bit – you deserve it!

If you are having a rough time of it, that's what I'm here for! One on one sessions can really help you to recognize, explore and release these and any other fears. Hit me up for a session if you need some extra lovin'.

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