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Religion versus Spirituality

During my adult years, I have generally shied away from churches and religious organizations. During my childhood, I went to church fairly often. Ironically, much of my church attendance in my youth was only because that was one of the few places my dad would let us go freely. My dad wasn't a religious man, although he did seem to have his own relationship with the Big Guy. It's just that he was super strict and with 5 daughters and one son, I guess he thought it was probably pretty safe for us to be at church.

When my spiritual awakening started around 2010, it was through the more eastern methods of yoga, energy work and mediation. As I explored and came closer to God, Spirit, the Universe (I tend to use these terms fairly interchangeably), I found myself being intuitively guided to various religious and spiritual institutions. Perhaps one day, a Buddhist meditation group, maybe a Catholic mass that a friend invited me to, or a Sunday service at my sister's church. But all in all, I found myself not agreeing with 100% of what was being offered during the sermons or talks. I really disliked so much of what they were telling people. It very starkly contrasted with what I knew as truth from my personal experiences. As I connected more and more with Source individually, I discovered that we are perfect beyond compare. I found that the sins we condemn ourselves for are actually soul lessons we chose to evolve and learn on this physical playground. Which is sometimes vastly different from what we are told in religious settings.

And I also discovered that I don't believe as human beings that we can be love and light all the time. I think our humanness invites us to be raging assholes sometimes. But I discovered that I cringe at the proclamation that we are all sinners or that Jesus was a perfect person. I also remembered that I hate when people act one way in church and another way out in day-to-day life. There were just so many things I just couldn't reconcile, so I kept most of my community based spiritual activities to yoga, meditation or the like. Although I still noticed these things in spiritually based practices, somehow it bothered me less.

However, lately I have been craving more community with others who are searching, seeking and striving. I had some friends tell me about a local church they went to and I felt some interest and figured it couldn't hurt to check it out. I have gone a few times and I really enjoy the music and the energy. But I again found myself not really agreeing with everything the pastor was saying. But if I'm honest, I can say that of my spiritual mentor as well. Even though I greatly value his opinion and insights, sometimes they don't resonate with my own truth. Perhaps this is why in my own work as a mentor, guide, healer and intuitive, I am constantly trying to get my clients to come back to their own truth. And I realize more and more how fine of a line it is - 1) to grow and learn and to be open to new viewpoints, 2) while also maintaining your own truth.

Perhaps it would be helpful for you to know that we are the edge of a huge shift in our humanity's evolution. From an astrological standpoint, we are moving from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces was more religion driven, we believed that we could only gain our salvation through the church and its elders. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we are learning more and more to go internally to find our connection with source and our higher power. And to be honest, I should probably just call it a higher power because I don't think it really matters what we call this energy. The importance is that we learn to connect with it - consistently and mindfully. Because this energy is not only our higher power, but it is also what we are made of.

And y'all, I'm sure there is so much more to this 27,000 year shift but I'm not going into all that here. I am just inviting your to be explorative in your shifting and growing. Yes, try all the things and see what resonates. But also give yourself room to grow and evolve. I certainly do not believe everything I believed 5 years ago or even 2 years ago. It's important to constantly be evolving and growing. We are not meant to be the same people at 80, that we were at 30. Time, experience and life changes us at the most basic levels if we allow it to. Take a moment today and see what viewpoints are outdated for you. Perhaps you could surround yourself with some new people who provide a different viewpoint than you are used to. If you don't like, it you can always stick to your guns, but you may surprise yourself!

Love ya! Robin

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