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What do you really want?

The reason that many of us don’t have what we want from life is because we are chasing someone else’s dreams. We have been conditioned through many different ways to think that bigger houses, fancy cars, big parties or alcohol and drugs will help us to fill that inner aching inside. But I’m sure you’ve all had the experience where you got the thing that you wanted, and then it didn’t really change anything in your life. Lots of times, it actually brought more emotional pain and suffering because of what you forced yourself to do in order to get there. Let’s say, you thought the bigger house would satisfy that deep internal longing. But after you got the house, you realized you didn’t really make enough money to support the expenses that went along with owning that house. Maybe you started to work more or dream about an even bigger house that would again fill that hole for a moment in time. Each time we use that external thing to try to fill the void, it might for a moment, and then our energy recalibrates, and we try to fill it once more with something or someone else. During this cycle, the hole may even get bigger inside.

It was ironic to me when I started my spiritual coaching business how my own internal drive shifted. For a while, I thought I couldn’t love money or want nice things because I was spiritual now. After some time, I realized it was ok to be a human being and want an Audi and a house to live in, while also wanting to help the collective and serve others. As my social media page changed from a personal account to a business account, I began to see more spiritual coaches in my feed. A lot of them seemed to be embodying the old paradigm of the bigger, better hustle that had just been copied over into the spiritual world. Dozens of coaches and posts online bragging about “multiple six figures” and $10k months. It all started to feel a little off to me. I started to ask myself, what is actually driving us to want millions of dollars, even though spirituality teaches us to find pleasure, abundance and worth from inside instead of being caught up in the matrix of consumerism.

For me, I realized I actually really desire a few basic things in life. now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I also still don’t want money and success, but DEFINITELY not at the expense of my sanity, relationships, health and freedom. My definition of an abundant life looks like, (in no particular order)

1) Serving others doing what I love

2) Ballroom dancing more and more until I get AMAZING at it

3) Getting paid to travel

4) A healthy, happy family

5) A relationship with my divine partner who is healthy and hot!

6) Lots of laugher, play and passion

7) Safety, security, simplicity, and freedom to do what I want, when I want

8) Supportive community

9) Comfortable home and a car I love that is reliable and fun to drive with minimal impact on the earth

10) Financial abundance so I can donate my time, money and resources to make this world a better place

11) Time for all the things I love - nature, riding my bike, adventures, skateboarding, etc.

12) Trusting in my intuition and the universe 110%

Now, if your list looks much different than mine and you want the big house and the 12 luxury cars, go do your thing. But I would also invite you to spend some time checking in with yourself and seeing if those are REALLY the things you are searching for. Perhaps the 3,600 square foot house has restricted you from traveling as often as you would like. Or maybe the 60k car has locked you into 1k a month in gas expenses that are kinda out of hand. If your desires are out of alignment with your energy and your truth, it won’t take very long for you to have some serious health issues while your nervous system and energetic body are trying to maintain this life that you have created. More does not always equal better.

And not matter what it is that you want, one of the fastest ways to get there is to appreciate what you have in this now moment. If you have $5 in your bank account, get like a little fucking kid everything you see that $5 balance. If you have $8k on a credit card, love the shit out of that balance and everything it allowed you to accomplish. While you’re doing this, get into alignment. This will take time!

It has taken me some time to learn this myself. Gratitude and focusing on the positive is not something that exactly came easy to me. Even though at some level, I’ve always believed that things ultimately worked out, there was a bit of doubt behind it. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, I thought if I controlled everything, then it always worked out. A few years ago, something really started to make itself aware in my patterns. I realized that even though I had a really amazing life, I was constantly focusing on what was “wrong” or missing. Some of the things I pined for were a job I loved, a healthy relationship, more money so I could leave the job I hated. In hindsight, it really was kinda ridiculous. I wanted more freedom and joy, but I thought those things would only come if I had these external things. The prosperity has to come from within first! Then the Universe aligns the energy to bring them to us in the physical. Again, this is a process. Be gentle with yourself as you make this shift.

Also, I would love to support you! I am kicking off my first round of Manifestation Magic, and 8-week portal to more abundance (emotional, spiritual, monetary, etc.). Allow yourself to release the old shit that is holding you back in life and get real fucking clear on what it is that you want. Coming alignment this way, will make you a master manifestor 😊.

I love y’all, keep on keepin’ on!

Robin Wilt


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