Robin's gift is in listening, she has a natural ability to listen and make you feel completely comfortable and safe in sharing some rather sensitive issues. Robin is a gifted and naturally talented coach.  Our conversations ALWAYS made me feel better and motivated me to act upon the goals and discussions we had during our sessions. Overall, I believe there are many people who will benefit from Robin's coaching. She has helped me tremendously and I am quite confident that others will find her services valuable and life-changing. - 

Nadine Loraine

She was very compassionate and could easily relate to what I've been going through, which gave me a sense of safety in expressing myself.  She asked very though provoking questions and I felt those questions came with ease. I feel I have some tools and understandings on how to express my anger in more healthy ways. And I feel empowered and free after discussing different ways to see and feel about intimacy. Knowing its all my choice and no one can have power or influence over that. So I feel I have more clarity over the things that I've left uncovered.

Mattie Scull

Robin is very down to earth, making you feel comfortable to open up to her. She asks the “tough questions,” without judgement or confrontation, leaving you alone to examine your fears and conscious as you are ready. Everything flows when you ready, and Robin works with you to commit to tasks to help you achieve your goals. Her approach is rooted in light and accessible to everyone.

Ralph DiGiacomo

 Robin is incredibly attentive and listens to everything I say. It really makes me feel like she is there for me and me alone during our session. Robin also has an incredible way of giving answers to questions when there really doesn't seem to be an answer. Her spirituality is evident and her connection to the world around us is undeniable.
I feel like there are answers now where there weren't any before. I am taking the time for myself every day to pray and get centered before starting on work or the other activities of the day and I am also working on ways to break out of the "norm" in my marriage with new and unexpected activities and date night ideas. 

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