Shelah Ott

I am still on a spiritual high from our session!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart and soul, that chart reading was seriously everything I needed. It was so clarifying, it truly helped me make sense of where I'm at while confirming where I'm headed - it's going to be the best guidance and encouragement as I build my business, especially when the ego creeps in and I doubt my path. I'm so thankful I have this to lean on for clarity or grounding during these shifts. Also I absolutely LOVED how you channeled during the chart reading, all of the messages from my angels and Spirit hit the nail on the head and made the reading feel really complete and comforting. The energy was pure love and I really just feel so inspired and supported in this transformational phase of my life! I can't thank you enough!!!!!!


Andrea Pohl

 I went into my session with no expectations. I respect Robin and her craft so I knew that whatever came up would be exactly what my soul needed. From a lifetime of being a people pleaser, my relationships with people have mostly been dysfunctional. Having s. Robin could see into the heart of my situation and showed me a key, through ho'oponopono to unlocking a blockage or two that then allowed my heart to open up again. I was able to reclaim my power I was giving away through anxiety. I could tell by the tears flowing down my cheeks that I felt safe enough to trust in the process of forgiving myself, the situation, and the people involved. It was transformational! I already told 2 girlfriends about it!  Thank you Robin for our invaluable time together! 



Robin is a powerhouse. She helped me to shift my mindset around some things that I had forgotten were affecting me. The things she brought up helped me to get really clear on what my next steps will be. If you're thinking of working with Robin, it's a no-brianer, she is going to get you real clear on what you want to do. She holds the bullshit and gives you all love. 


Erica Vargas

I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude. My biggest transformation in less than an hour was returning to my body. At the end of our session, I could actually feel my body. I was out of my head and back in my heart. That felt really good. We also did some hypnosis that really connected me back to my inner child and reminded me that I get to take care of my inner child and give her love and protection, joy and happiness. It was such a beautiful session. If you're thinking of doing any healing work with Robin, I highly recomend it. 


Tova Bielski

Thank you so much for the reading today Robin! To have you psychically connect to my baby in the womb was beyond magic and an experience I’ll never forget. Everything you said was exactly what I needed to hear and so deeply healing. I can’t thank you enough. I could go on and on 💗 You are so gifted at this and I highly recommend you to any other expecting mothers that want to connect with their baby in such a special way!