During my tarot and energy session with Robin, I came away feeling heard, understood, calm and focused. She is very intuitive, flows with the direction that you want to move, provides support and guidance - all within a welcoming space. I highly recommend for anyone looking for some direction or healing.


Andrea Pohl

 I went into my session with no expectations. I respect Robin and her craft so I knew that whatever came up would be exactly what my soul needed. From a lifetime of being a people pleaser, my relationships with people have mostly been dysfunctional. Having s. Robin could see into the heart of my situation and showed me a key, through ho'oponopono to unlocking a blockage or two that then allowed my heart to open up again. I was able to reclaim my power I was giving away through anxiety. I could tell by the tears flowing down my cheeks that I felt safe enough to trust in the process of forgiving myself, the situation, and the people involved. It was transformational! I already told 2 girlfriends about it!  Thank you Robin for our invaluable time together! 


Tova Bielski

Robin is an amazing healer and coach. She combined coaching with tarot and energy work, so powerful! I felt relaxed, comfortable, and listen to during our session. Her energy is very warm and loving. She's very intuitive and I felt deeply held in her presence. I felt my energy open and got so many downloads during our call. Thank you Robin!