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Collecting Money

Money Mastery 6 Week Program

The 8 Pillars of Financial Freedom were channeled to me over the past year while I struggled with healing my own money wounds. By healing blockages and embodying these pillars, we can begin to drastically shift our financial reality to meet our deepest financial goals and desires. Join me for a powerful group healing and activation container to embody these pillars.

The 8 Pillars included in the program are:
1) How including God (Universe) in your financial world is key for success
2) Addressing the topic of self-worth and how this affects our financial habits
3) Earning and how you have been limiting yourself
4) Spending and allocation of resources
5) Debt management and breaking out of karmic debting cycles
6) The power of saving in your practical and spiritual life to heal scarcity
7) How investing can expand possibility in your life
8) The beauty and power of giving to causes that are important to you

Through a combination of insightful teachings, hypnotherapy techniques, inner child work, belief work and energic activations, this program will empower participants to cultivate a holistic approach to financial freedom that encompasses not only wealth accumulation but also spiritual fulfillment, personal growth, and breaking free from self-sabotage and scarcity thinking.

How we'll do it:
*Deep energetic shifts through a variety of healing modalities focused to rewire your brain, learn new more powerful beliefs, shed karmic patterns and wounds that have previously been holding you back from success, abundance and wealth!
*I will use my gifts as a psychic intuitive that will help you identify what YOU specifically need for healing
*Break through limiting energies, to create lasting change
*Learn about these powerful pillars that were channeled to me during my own money healing which have changed my life and the life of my clients
*Get actionable, real steps you can take to embody what we learn

*6 Weekly live zoom calls
*Lifelong access to recorded program

*Supportive private WhatsApp group for questions & guidance as your work through the program
*Dynamic weekly calls that include learning, healing and energetic activations
*Each call will include teaching, healing, journal prompts and insights unique to your specific needs
*For paid in full programs, you receive a BONUS 1x1 Money and Mindset session with me, valued at $250, that will further compound your growth!

*This program is valued at over $1,500 and is available now for only $777 paid in full or 3 payments of $333.

Live calls are Sunday's at 7pm eastern, starting May 5th through June 9th, 2024. They will be recorded and provided if you cannot attend the live session.


Your future self is calling, isn't it time you answered? Let's embark on a transformative journey towards financial liberation and abundance!

Business Meeting

Coaching Services

If you are looking for ongoing support, healing and guidance to assist you in crushing your long-term financial or business goals, I provide coaching services customized for your unique situation. Throughout our work together we will have regular check-ins, assessments, and adjustments made to meet your evolving needs.

Throughout coaching I support you with my two-fold approach which addresses both the spiritual and practical components of growth and expansion. First, we will uncover and heal the karmic patterns and beliefs which have previously been holding you back. Next, we will address the practical steps that can be taken to achieve your goals. You will be given clear, definable strategy and support to carry these out in between our sessions. Additionally, you will get support in between our coaching sessions.


I have a variety of skills, certifications, education and past work experience I draw upon to assist and uplift you during this process, including but not limited to:

  • An MBA from Valdosta State University

  • 20 years experience in finance and accounting

  • 10 years as a successful business owner

  • My psychic abilities and healing gifts

  • I am a certified Life Coach

  • Reiki and Light Connections trained 

  • Training in Subconscious reprogramming, Inner Child work and Somatic release

  • I am a Projector in Human Design

Use the link below to schedule a free 15-minute business or money reading to gain some guidance and clarity about what is currently holding you back!

Tarot Cards

Intuitive Tarot Reading

$125 for 60 minutes

Tarot readings are a fun way to dip your toes into spirituality or way for seekers to deepen their connection and healing. In these fun but powerful sessions, we will connect with your angels, guides, goddesses, the elements, and animals to see what information wants to be channeled for you.

These readings are for you if.......

*You're looking for guidance about love, career, home, friends, etc.

*You feel stuck or like you need some support or direction

*You are grieving a loved one
*You need a new perspective 
*You want more joy in your life
*It's your birthday!

After I open the space, and we set intentions, I allow the Universe to speak through me for you! Each session is unique to your needs. We may do light energy work, forgiveness, inner child work, or belief work - it really is up to the Universe, you and your Soul. I look forward to connecting with you.


Intuitive Astrology Reading

$175 for 60-minutes

Astrology is a powerful tool that has been called your soul's blueprint. Your chart is a roadmap to your gifts, challenges, purpose and more. By using astrology and connecting with your chart, we can uncover what you need emotionally, physically and spiritually.


​​Reading types include: 

  • Natal chart to delve deep into your soul's blueprint, to uncover your gifts and challenges

  • Money, business and abundance reading

  • Solar Return to explore the themes and energies of the upcoming year

  • Purpose reading to uncover your life purpose and align with your true path

  • Transits and activations to understand the current influences and opportunities in your life

 ​During the session, we will go over your chart, connect with your angels and guides, and when appropriate, use tarot and energy work to move past things that are holding you back. With the combination of astrology, tarot and my intuition, I provide eerily accurate insights so you can plan, prepare and heal!


​Note: I use Western Astrology with a main focus on the whole and Placidus house systems. 


Blue Sofa

Money Healing & Activation Session

$250 for 60 minutes

These sessions provide profound deep healing at the subconscious level, where we address the root causes, rather than treating symptoms. Each session is channeled and uniquely created specifically for you to address your unique financial needs, challenges, and goals. No two sessions are the same!

In my sessions, my goal is to help you make positive changes in your financial life. To do so, I will pull from a variety of modalities, including: ​


  • Hypnotherapy techniques to induce a deep state of relaxation and access the subconscious mind to reprogram old beliefs

  • Reiki to balance your energy centers and promote physical and emotional healing

  • My psychic abilities to communicate with your higher self, angels and guides to determine what is needed for healing and forward momentum

  • Somatic release to address deep wounds and traumas that have you feeling anxious and scarcity around money

  • Inner child work to address unresolved emotions from childhood and promote self-worth & abundance

  • Shamanic practices to connect with your spiritual essence, gain clarity, and receive guidance



Testimonial Shed Some Light on It
Testimonial Shed Some Light on It
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