I would like to be able to say that I started out on my spiritual journey with a lot of grace, faith, and trust, however, that would be a big, fat lie.  In fact, the drive that I now have to help others is in large part due to the fact that I made a giant mess of quite a lot of my healing.  I struggled, I fought, I tried to control and manipulate.  God probably sat up there and either felt like he was watching a train wreck and couldn't turn away or laughed his ass off (or who knows, maybe both).  Either way, I honestly don't think our journeys need to be so difficult and painful.  Sure, we are working through some pretty heavy stuff at times, but I do believe we can do so with grace, peace, and laughter.  I also believe that we are all meant to pass along the torch once we make it to the other side.

There is nothing that brings me greater joy than to share with others the knowledge I've picked up along the way.  My heart and soul light up to be able to provide a loving, kind, and compassionate presence to those who are suffering.  We all know how painful this growth can be, dredging up old wounds, fears, and triggers over and over again.  Many times, we wonder when it will ever end, or if anyone else is struggling like we are.  Please always know - you are not alone.  It would be my greatest pleasure to work with you, to provide you the care, love, and support you need during these trying times.  


During my process, I've picked up quite a few tips and tricks, and learned lots of fun healing modalities.  Officially, I have been obtained certification as a Life Coach, through the Alan Cohen program.  I am certified in Light Connections Therapy, a proprietary energy healing method (Level 1&2).  And, I also hold a Masters in Business Administration from Valdosta State.  My personalized Life Coaching Services will empower you to make the necessary changes in your life to bring about more satisfaction, joy, and ease.    

​I also think that sessions should be fun, relaxed and comfortable.  If you're local (within 20 miles), I'd love to meet you at a coffee shop or local park of your choice.  I also provide remote sessions. Contact me today for your initial free coaching session to determine if we are a good fit!  I look forward to hearing from you :)

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