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Asking for help

Asking for help was never a strong skill of mine. I jokingly say that the Universe had to force me into it. I had to reach the very bottom to be able to realize that I couldn't do things alone. And it was an illusion if I thought I was anyway. This seems to be a phase that we all experience in some way on our spiritual journey.

And y'all, I'm not gonna lie....It's not as easy as I would like to think it should or could be. Maybe I'll get better at it but right now it still seems like a bit of a failure or of an admittance of not be capable enough to do it all by myself.

So, if you're catching this, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me some love and light. I'm asking for my way to be made known and to have clear guidance and support from God and those that I love and hold dear in my heart.

If you're thinking, I could also use some support, share this post and ask your friends and family for the same positive energy and love to be send your way. Keep in mind the scripture Matthew 18:20 that says, "where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I am with them". This is how we move mountains in our lives. Not isolated or trying to figure it all out by ourselves. You deserve support!

And, I'll be sending you some love and support as well. I see you and I know that you're doing the best you can. Even when it seems like life isn't going how you think it should. You're showing up and you're trying. Keep going. It's usually the darkest right before God sends us the biggest blessings of our lives.

xoxo, Robin

Your Spiritual CFO

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