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Can you allow the Universe to lead?

I know I come back to dance for a lot of my teaching and stories. But y’all it has been such a pivotal part of my personal evolution, and it teaches me something every day about life, the Universe and how I move through my journey.

With partner dancing, there is this beautiful symbiotic relationship that is happening between the lead and the follow. The follow is typically feminine and the lead is typically male. And even if the people who are playing these roles are not physically matching up with the sex, the energy is still the same. The lead is gently but firmly guiding and asking the follow to play along with them. The lead is giving space for the follow to shine and to be seen while creating a safe space to do so. But this requires the follow to trust, relax, and surrender to the suggestions her partner is making.

It's almost like when you agree to a 3–5-minute dance with a leader, you are putting aside your own ideas about how the dance should look or feel. You are saying, “yes, I trust you to take care of me for these moments so we can mutually enjoy this interaction.” But you also have to hold your own and know the basics.

And sometimes it works better than others. Some combinations don’t work. Like, maybe the lead is not forceful enough or not gentle enough. Maybe you don’t feel safe with them once you get out on the dance floor. Maybe your head is somewhere other than the present moment and you’re not able to relax and follow the lead’s direction. But no matter what the experience, there has been this energy that has been created between the two of you for these few moments. Maybe you learned something new about yourself or what you like or don’t like. Maybe you realized you like or don’t like dancing with this particular partner. It’s all just a bit of trial and error, missteps and successes.

And the reason this has been so helpful for me in my own life is because I was such a damned perfectionist control freak, that I didn’t feel safe relaxing or letting someone else take the lead or direct me. I especially didn’t trust masculine energy; partner dancing really helped me to see how this was so closely related to how the Universe or God works. For me, the Universe is the masculine energy, guiding and directing us. I am meant to be in the flow and filling in where I’m able to. Creating and speaking up when the opportunity is there to do so. I trust my partner (God) to communicate with me and to care about my feelings, needs and desires.

I am not told what to do and when to do it, but instead I am asked to go along for the “dance”. I am asked for input. Sometimes it is used and sometimes it is not, but ultimately the trust that I have in God tells me that it is all good, even when it doesn’t always look good. Even when I struggle or misunderstand what is happening, I can trust that some higher divine order is in control, and I can just relax, let go and have fun 😊

If you're reading this, perhaps there is some area of your own life where you could loosen your grip a bit? Where in life are you holding onto what you this the situation should look like? Why might you be in the current place you are?

Loves y’all


Your Spiritual CFO



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