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Have you ever noticed how it’s much easier to give gratitude when things are going your way? It’s easier to thank the universe when you have manifested the exact thing you desire. But have you thought about when things don’t go your way….have you ever noticed that there is still a blessing. Even when the gifts look slightly different or are delayed, there are still lessons and magic being woven into the tapestry of your life.

Sometimes, we can see this easily with timing of desires coming to fruition in the physical. That might be a little easier to understand. For me, the challenges come when the blessings come in COMPLETELY different packages than I would have imagined.

That is currently happening in my life. I love my business and what I do, but I’m still in the process of growing it to the point where it can be my main jam. For some time I have been praying for some financial relief. I had no idea at the time, but leaving my corporate job started me on a two year journey of deep healing around money, success, and self-worth. So, for now, I have taken a FT temporary position that is not at all what I envisioned for my life. Am I completely happy about it? No, but I trust God. I trust that even if I don’t understand why, I am meant to be exactly where I am right now.

So, I keep doing the only things I know how -

1)talking to God about it.

2)allowing myself to acknowledge and feel the feelings

3)keep practicing surrender and gratitude. Even if the gratitude seems a bit lack luster or maybe a work in progress. That’s okay.

Perhaps in a few months, you’ll look back on your life and see a situation, job or relationship with a bit more clarity than you do now. But for now, give as much thanks as you can. You are loved, you are protected and all is well.

Your Spiritual CFO

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