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Growing your business

I know firsthand that growing a business is a labor of love. You enjoy what you do, so you keep pushing and striving, working weird hours at times to make it all work. But what if I told you that the best thing you could do for your business (and yourself), is to take those breaks when they come?

So many times, Spirit has told me to really take advantage of those lulls. This is for multiple reasons:

1) you are not worth it to anyone if you are working while you are burned out or close to it

2) many times breaks or lulls come right before some big breakthrough or shift which is going to require extra energy from you, so you need to make sure you are well fueled and rested

3) you are not a machine and you are still a human being. Your body, mind, spirit and soul need rest.

4) taking breaks can allow you to receive important downloads or insights about your situation. This could help you to change course or restructure for greater efficiency

So, if you need an extra boost or if you are finding it hard to take those breaks, hit me up! When we are struggling to take breaks, there are oftentimes underlying wounds or beliefs that can be shifted to allow you to come into deeper alignment with your energy. And, good for you! I know how to spot those. Let’s chat using the link below and see what we can do to get you well rested and forward moving towards your goals.

Love ya! Robin

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