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How we diminish our power and light

Being extremely senstive and intuitive has been really challenging honestly. First, because I wasn't even consciously aware of it for many years and second because it can cause some confusion until you recognize it and own it. For me, so much of learning to own it and the gifts that come along with it, has come through understanding boundaries and being in my own energy as much as I possibly can.

This morning I had the pleasure of playing Uno with my brother-in-law and my mom for a bit while we had our family Thanksgiving breakfast. Since I seem to learn about life from inocuous interactions, I shouldn't have been surprised about this ahhh haaa moment. While we were playing, at times, I realized that I would ignore my intution and my gut telling me to play a particular card. I got curious why this was happening? I discovered some part of me felt bad about making someone pick up extra cards, causing any kind of inconveience to someone I care about, or me winning the game, and them by default losing.

Since I was just enjoying the family time, I wasn't super concerned with winning or losing. And at times, it was nice to just prolong the game if I was able to. And I found my opponents doing the same thing at times - appologzing for putting down a draw 4 card, or explaining that it was the only card they had. Funny, since card games can rely so much on keeping your hand close and not disclosing what you have available for play. At times, we were all guilty of holding back for fear of hurting each other in this way. Too funny, really since it's a game that is meant to be fun!

But it got me thinking, how often do we do this in life? How often do we minimize our own victories or abilities so we can try to make others feel more safe or comfortable around us? Which is not necessary if we are in alignment with Spirit. Spirit is abundance and joy and allowing everyone to shine in their rigthful magic. I have personally seen and been a part of circumstances where each member is able to uplift and praise one another so we can all equally be in our own power and ablilities - sharing the limelight when our time comes.

However, I do believe that how we do one thing in life, can be an example of how we show up in other areas of life. Maybe start to notice where in the past or currently you are diming your light because you think it will take away from another's opportunity. This is scarcity thinking at its finest. Also be mindful of offering forgiveness to yourself and others when lack thinking comes up, becuase it probably will. As a collective we are learning so much around empowerment and abundance.

There are moments when we can choose to fully support one another and lift each other up. But there are also moments when we can shine brightly and be fully in our magic. Live there as much as you can. This allows others to do the same.

I love y'all and Happy Thanksgiving

Robin, Your SpiritualCFO

Oracle card from Doreen Virtue, PH.D. - Daily Guidance from Your Angels deck

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