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Playing detective with your triggers

I was chatting with a client this week about some struggles she has been going through in her business. Because of various perceived setbacks, she has been trying to figure out if she should stick with it or move on from her business.

With these challenges, she has been trying to figure out what the Universe is trying to teach her. Why she is in these situations that feel uncomfortable and counterproductive. I saw very clearly an image of her playing detective and trying to solve the puzzle.

What was coming through loud and clear from Spirit is that - when we are healing growing and expanding, we are not meant to be figuring out why these things are occurring. The main objective is to be present as much as possible. If we trust that we are held by a loving Universe that wants the best for us, this is a bit easier to do.

However, we all have trauma and sometimes this can restrict us from allowing life to unfold as it should. If we look at it energetically, the larger flow of the Universe is happening, and we are trying to insert ourselves into the river that is gushing all around us. If we can take space to allow our feelings to be felt, to stop and accept what is, the energy can begin to flow once more. Allowing life to unfold and to reveal its beauty to us.

If you are struggling this week, I see you. I know it hasn’t been an easy one. Take a moment and allow yourself to just be. Perhaps engage in some much needed self-care and allow the Universe to do its thing! (Bonus, you can also hit me up for a discovery call if you need some extra 1x1 love).

Your Spiritual CFO, Robin

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