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Utilizing Animals on our journey

It's pretty interesting to me that animals have been such an important part of my spiritual journey the last decade. When I was a kid, I don't really remember having that much of a connection with them. I guess we did have a kitty named Mandy that I really loved, and I was slightly obsessed with tigers. But to be honest, I don't think the rest of God's creatures were really on my radar at that point of my life.

A few years ago, I began to notice that animals were sending me guidance, support and messages from the Universe. It was a bit frustrating for a while because I didn't exactly speak animal kingdom. But over time, I began to observe what was happening when I would have these weird interactions with all kinds of animals. A hawk would fly right in front of me to get into a bird battle with a mockingbird. Or I would look down while hiking in the woods to see a snake looking up at me. An osprey would dive into the water right in front of me at the beach and come back up with a fish in his mouth. Time after time, I would have these encounters and I began to pay attention and observe what was happening around me or I began to tie it into what I was working on in my life.

But one animal (or bird) that has really made itself known to me has been the owl. As I began to tune into and trust my psychic and healing abilities, I needed owl medicine more than I ever even knew. Owls began to connect with me in this new and exciting way. I would "randomly" walk down an unmarked path in the middle of the day and find myself staring at a giant ass owl in a tree. In mediations, I would see them and get to tap into their energy. I started to really love them in a way I had never done before.

Since I love to learn, I started taking Animal Totem classes and workshops and eventually I taught my own. I began to understand how different cultures have utilized animal totems and energies in their lives. I loved when I was doing sessions for clients and an animal energy would come into the session or fly into my backyard and really make itself aware to me. I really ejoyed accessing the vibration of the animal for my clients and myself. But as with all things, as time goes on, we develop deeper levels of truth....

Since building my house 4 years ago, I have had pleasure of having a pair of owls living behind my house. I have watched them and been curious about their calls and hoots. Noticing how they didn't like it if I stared into their eyes for too long. But tonight when they showed up, I understood them on a deeper energetic level and it was pretty amazing y'all! In my life the last week, I had to make a pretty challenging decision that normally would kick my anxiety into overdrive. But each time I feel that old energy wanting to come up, I just stop and breathe and connect with my inner knowing and wisdom. I believe part of the reason I was able to do this is from working with owl energy. I saw one of the pair sitting in my tree tonight, just calmly waiting and biding its time. I was able to see at a much deeper level than before. He (she?) was vocalizing to its pair. Communicating and being supported but also just waiting for the right opportunity to move. Tunning into with its senses and truth so deeply that it didn't need to waste energy jumping from tree to tree to find its dinner. Just patiently waiting and knowing; I will succeed.

If you happen to find yourself reading this post, I would take it as a divine message. Know that whatever it is that you are desiring in life is on its way to you. But you need to start believing it. Start believing in your own internal wisdom and knowing. Stop allowing that old voice of doubt to tear you away from your truth. You are a magical fucking being and nothing can keep you from your path. You are loved, and seen in so many ways. Rock on and do your thing. And if you need an extra boost, Mr. Owl or Ms. Robin is here to help you, lol.

Love ya! Robin, Your Spiritual CFO

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