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Spiritual Growth - Ain't it a b**ch

On your spiritual journey, some days are going to be tougher than others. You might find yourself confused, without a clear sense of direction or clarity on where it is that you want to go. In the middle of healing phases, it can feel as if everything is being blown apart inside and we're not quite sure where it all fits back together.

Although these times can be super annoying and challenging, they are necessary for our growth and expansion. Part of healing involves breaking apart to release old patterns, beliefs and karmic cycles that are living in our body, mind and soul. I'd be lying if I said it was comfortable. I mean, even describing it like fingernails on a chalkboard. New ways of thinking and understanding take time to fully integrate into our energy.

The process kinda goes like this,

1) We either consciously or unconsciously decide to change or have the realization we don't like something in our lives. Sometimes this is happening at a higher soul level and is directed by the Universe, seemingly out of our control.

2) We start to see the patterns, habits, and karmic energy that is driving these old ways of being.

3) We are triggered so old energies can be felt, processed, released. Through this, we can gain more clarity on what needs to change (internally and externally).

4) We forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes.

5) We gain clarity on what we would like our new reality to be.

6) Over a period of time, we integrate these new energies into our lives.

7) Perhaps we re-evaluate and adjust as needed.

I like to look at these steps as interchangeable and fluid. You might be triggered one day and then decide to make a change. Or you could be integrating something into your life, and realize that a healthier balance needs to be had moving forward.

Either way, trust that all is well. I believe the Universe loves us and wants the best for us. Choosing to believe that things are happening for us, and not to us, can be a huge shift in taking your power back and helps us to stop feeling like a victim. If we decided at a soul level to have these lessons and challenges, it would stand to reason that we choose things that could be changed in our lives. This gives us the ability to believe that these shifts are not only possible, but also destined in our soul's evolution.

I want to just take a moment and recognize you and how far you have come. Look at your life two years or two months ago. I promise, you are not the same person and you have done so much! You are evolving, you are doing great, and I am oh, so proud of you!

Much love,

Robin Wilt

Your Spiritual CFO

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