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The Healer's Wound

A few years ago, I decided to take my gifts and spiritual coaching from a hobby and turn it into my FT career. To be honest, I was terrified to leave the comfort of my cushy corporate job for various reasons. Although I had over 20 years experience in the field of finance and business, I had never run a business by myself. But I was also sure that if the Universe was calling me to be a healer as a career, I would be fully supported as I made the leap. I had faith that transitioning to being a lightworker supporting and guiding others, might be challenging, but also that it would bring more abundance than I ever thought possible because I was doing such amazing work! Oh, wasn't I cute :)

As I took the leap, it's almost like every hidden wound and anxiety I had around money, success, self-worth, and self-doubt was harshly thrust into the light for healing. I went through a few large energetic upgrades greatly supported by Mother Ayahuasca and some smaller ones guided by various coaches and programs. After the initial period of healing, in some ways I settled into a more peaceful approach to what I was doing and offering as a guide. I trusted myself more and more, and was really leaning into my gifts as a healer, psychic and guide.

But one thing that continued to be triggered for me was something I would come to understand as the healer's wound. I was just struggling so much with the money side of running a spiritually based business. Even though I knew just how much I was helping people, I was also struggling a lot with receiving money, setting prices and in general valuing my services as a source of abundance. As I healed these issues, and held space for my clients to also do so, I began to learn more about why we can struggle so much with being healers and accepting money for our gifts.

The Healer's Wound is a deeply embedded energy filled with various feelings, beliefs and attitudes toward money that are born from past life wounds, the collective energy around what is deemed as a successful and abundant career, and our own personal money story. Some general challenges we might find in our lives due to this wound are:

  1. feeling like we are unworthy of charging what we desire in our businesses

  2. not feeling safe to charge for our gifts

  3. being able to be receiving rather than giving all the time

  4. not understanding the business aspect of our practices

  5. overcoming scarcity and imposter syndrome

  6. struggles setting prices and marketing our services

  7. fear of rejection or persecution for being known as a healer, psychic or coach

  8. overcoming limiting beliefs around money and power

I began to accept that although I did not want to deal with these challenges, I had to do so for the collective transformation we are currently experiencing. I started to see where my own personal challenges, along with my financial background, my healing abilities and my Astrological signatures that are so focused around holding space for others to heal their money, power and self-worth wounds to support my clients to live the most abundant lives possible.

So, if you're ready to heal and allow more abundance into your life, allow me to support you. It's time to stop allowing money to be such a source of struggle and challenge in your life and choosing to do nothing about it. It is time!!! The Universe is supporting this collective change and it's going to happen either way, so you might as well get in front of it and stop allowing it to rule your life. I'm so happy to support and guide you!

Much love,

Robin Wilt

Your Spiritual CFO

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